ioPhase is proud to offer three distinct Brands


Espirico products speak to the inner self.  With Espirico, we have collected a powerful set of tools to help you find the true self, hiding just behind the obvious, and not too far from the surface.  Peel away the layers with Espirico products. 


The Aventrak product line is for those who are unafraid to venture out into the world, exploring, adventuring, and moving across this amazing planet.  Aventrak provides the tools required for those of us who do not look backward.  Aventrak is also about Fun. 


Mirasaki â€‹products are for those who elect to surround themselves with carefully chosen, aesthetically satisfying objects. Art is indeed everywhere, but it helps to have a refuge in which to find it consistently.  We aim for Mirasaki to be that refuge for you.