About Us
IoPhase began in 2003.  Since that time we have worked hard to find unique items around the world to offer to discriminating people looking for the perfect balance of quality and value.  Our roots began in Southern California, but nowadays we can be found in all sorts of interesting places.  

​IoPhase provides not only quality products, but quality services as well, such as Search Engine Optimization, Business Development Consultation, Web Design Services, and Email Campaigns.  
In 2015, ioPhase developed three major brands  - Espirico, to sustain the spiritual side of life, Aventrak, to assist in satisfying the urge to explore and play, and Mirasaki, where the aesthetics of everyday life are offered respectfully for your selection. 

​We hope you enjoy your time here on this site - please drop us a line if you feel compelled to do so. We cherish and pay attention to feedback of any sort.